Knee Sleeve Blue


How to measure – start at the center of your kneecap, go around the leg and back to the front again. Find your size below.

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Our products have in their composition elastic materials, which help to ensure maximum joint fixation. It helps to maintain heat for a long time, improves blood flow and relieves severe pain.It is recommended to use in the following cases:


  • External fixation and dosed compression of muscles, thermal and micro-massage effect.
  • Has a soft effect, well-modeled. It is shown, among other things, for the elderly for moderate loads.
  • It improves blood supply, stimulates metabolic processes in tissues, skin, muscles.


The knee sleeve is designed to comfortably support the knee, its use allows the foot to move freely, which helps a speedy recovery. Recommended wearing the product during exercise (including long-term static).Recommended wearing the product during the entire stay in the vertical position (during sleep and rest to remove).

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